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  • Building demolition

    Nothing is built for eternity. Therefore, in some cases, it is almost impossible to completely break a building. In order to be able to carry out this dismantling process quickly and easily, some important factors, such as static load bearing capacity or the utilization of the demolition material, are to be taken into account. With our experienced demolition column, we can provide you with professional advice and can also offer delicate dismantling work such as asbestos rehabilitation or the dismantling of dangerous KMF (artificial mineral fibers).


  • Industrial equipment demolition

    Industrial buildings and plants are often complex structures, the dismantling of which is a demanding task. Whether silos, steel bridges or entire industrial halls ... In case of an improper dismantling, immense costs and unnecessary time delays can arise. With the demolition of industrial plants as a central point of our performance spectrum, we are able to provide you with competent support - both when creating a demolition concept as well as during the professional dismantling, including proper disposal. They always have an overview and thus have an optimal cost and performance control.


  • Coring

    We also provide you with our know-how in the de-coring of buildings designed for demolition or conversion. We provide for the selective dismantling of all built-in components up to the production of the carcass. In doing so, we only remove what is really going to happen - our experienced team guarantees that no damage to the inventory is created.


  • Disposal / recycling

    Demolition material is produced when demolition or dismantling. Now the question arises: Where is that? Especially in times when the issue of environmental protection is becoming more and more important, it is our responsibility to dispose of waste in an environmentally sound manner, or to prevent it from developing by recycling. For all our demolition services, we offer you our "complete package", including a proper disposal and disposal of all material at officially recognized plants. A complete traceability is here for us, so keep an overview at all times.